Jeffrey P. Greenburg has over 25 years of extensive experience specializing in corporate law. Jeff has served as Vice President and consultant for a number of large corporate clients, providing legal services and aid on a variety of topics including:


Jeff helps structure and complete various transactions involving the purchase and sale of corporate organizations.

Corporation/LP/LLC formation

Jeff has helped clients form corporations and offers advice related to on-going requirements and documents required (including licenses) for maintaining the business. Additionally, he advises clients on day-to-day business issues. 

Corporate Compliance

Jeff advises on corporate compliance (and HIPPA compliance), including drafting of compliance programs (with attendant policies and procedures and corporate compliance handbooks).

Contract Review/Creation

Jeff drafts and reviews/revises contract versions for all business matters, including day to day operational agreements.

Human Resources

Jeff provides reviews of employee issues, drafts release agreements for terminated employees, and drafts/reviews all employment agreements.

Debt restructuring

Jeff negotiates with lenders to help restructure corporate debt.